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Competitive tennis in a team format for a wide range of skill levels. Team matches include singles and doubles competition. Click for more information.
News and Information updated:9/2/2017 7:00pm Captains/Coordinators
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2017 Calendars

Click Here for the 2017 Calendars

65+ League

Schedules for the men's 65+ League are now available on this site. The schedules will be updated soon on TennisLink for scorecard access.

FALL League

Schedules for the men's fall league are now available on this site. The schedules will be updated soon on TennisLink for scorecard access.


EXTREME WEATHER RULE--For all captains and players

If the wind chill is 32 degrees or below, the match may be rescheduled if one captain requests it. The official weather reading will be found on the GFWTC website, www.tennisfortworth.com. Click the “weather forecast” to view the “feels like”, or wind chill, on the day of match only. Due to the frequent inaccuracy of weather forecasts, matches may not be canceled a day in advance. Captains should make a determination no earlier than 2 hours prior to the scheduled match time and notify their players accordingly. .

3rd Set Tiebreak format will be used for ALL league matches.

Coman Rotation has been adopted as the tiebreak procedure to be used at the National Tournaments since 2006. The Texas Section and our local league has also adopted this format to be used in Sectional and Local Championships and local league play. Click here for an explanation of the Coman Rotation.

TennisFortWorth.com was just rebuilt but will soon be rebuilt again.

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The GFWTC has set up a Rules Committee and have reviewed the local league tennis rules and made some changes and clarifications in an effort of unification. The latest version of the league rules are available in three flavors: Men's, Women's and Mixed. Each file has unique elements specific to that league followed by the local governing rules for all Fort Worth Leagues. Click the appropriate link above to view these rules.